Reyansh – 1 year old cake smash photoshoot

I don’t know which stage is just perfect for a shoot, new-born, toddler or 1 year old. They are all unrealistically cute and adorable, it makes it difficult to sort out after the shoot. Reyansh, just turned one and was a bundle of laughter. His cake smash session was a lot more calmer than I had imagined however some really fun images came out. Fun … Continue reading Reyansh – 1 year old cake smash photoshoot


Its hard to make the right friends, invariably harder to maintain the relationship. As life creates its new tentacles, relocating seems to be a difficult decision and unavoidable as it maybe. But life moves on, ensuing the excitement of meeting up again after a strong gap. All the gossip just waiting to be shared over shisha, coffee or beer. ¬†Especially with kids and all the … Continue reading Ragaa